About me

Hello and welcome!

I’m Emma and I thank you for being here.

The book “Perverse Games” is my dream come true, which has increased my love for writing, and that is how the idea of ​​creating my personal my space, where I could write whatever I wanted without limitations, was born.

Erotic creation is my field – it gives me my inspiration, strength and unique internal vibrations that make my life unique in a special way.

Beyond the sexual theme, I want to share some thoughts, analysis and views about such areas as the links between us, our psycho-emotional world, creativity, art. But I’m convinced that topics may change over time. At least, because everything changes, moves, develops.

I hope you will act nice in this blog, create a specific attitude and visit it.

I am open to comments, but I can not tolerate any stupidity.

I wish you a pleasant reading, lots of amusement and inner enrichment 🙂

email: emma.tommova@gmail.com