Erotic stories

The confectioner and his fingers

(the essence of a desire) Pete, the confectioner at...

Erotic stories

Matt’s perverted show

(Wife as a whore) Matt adored his wife. He...

Perverse games

Fucking machine

I was given an assignment to be at the...

Erotic stories

Terra`s fantasies II

(Double manifestations, triple consequences) Terra's amazing experience was really...

Erotic stories

The Divine (Bleeding pussy II)

How provocative - to have a meeting with Alec...

Erotic stories

My masculine dirty bitch

Perverts always need to try new things. Sometimes even...

Perverse games

The First Big Prick

I met an exceptional prick in a popular metropolitan...

Art / creativity

Woman’s eroticism is a way to explore the universe

(Horst - Italian photographer who create erotic shots with...

Erotic stories

Terra’s fantasies (begining)

Terra is every man's dream ... attractive, charming, smart,...

Erotic stories

A hole in the wardrobe

Everyone had been calling him Heck for many years...

Erotic stories

The massage therapist

I felt pain everywhere, I was tired and in...

Perverse games


Sometimes things don’t depend on us – they just...

Erotic stories

Terra’s fantasies III


(An unexpected surprise) Three months had passed since Terra's incomparable emotion with Dem and Tim. This experience kept her in a perverted trap - she often thought about it - during sex and while masturbating. The duality as an idea, its meaning, its layer was resonating within her....

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